PUBG Season 10 officially launched

PUBG Season 10 officially launched

PUBG Season 10 officially launched

PUBG Season 10 has officially kicked off, now active on PC with PUBG’s seasonal map called “Haven”, the busiest battleground ever. For the first time in PUBG history, the 1×1 map will contain 32 players.
Along with the new map, new features are:

New Season Lore Story: Tythonic Industries, a mysterious biotech company, makes its debut in Season 10.

Artificial Intelligence Pillar Powers: New artificial intelligence enemies known as “Pillar” join the battlefield. These special military forces are known to guard high-level loot throughout the map. Pillar also has a lot of support, including a Tactical Truck that moves around the map to hunt survivors and attack them with its high powered weapons. Keep your eyes on the sky because of the Pillar Scout Helicopter that travels around the map to find and identify survivors with a spotlight.

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Emergency Parachute: With the emergency parachute, players can strategically open a parachute to freedom by jumping off the tall buildings of Haven.

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