Instagram Store Opening Guide

Instagram Store Opening Guide

Instagram Store Opening Guide

Did you know that you can earn money by opening a store on Instagram? If you want to sell products and do not have information about how to open a store on Instagram, we have prepared a detailed guide for you. Reaching millions of active users and being very popular, Instagram allows you to create your own store and sell products thanks to the Store method. If you have a business and you want to sell on social media, you can start taking orders by opening an Instagram store . By reviewing the details below, we will give you information on how to open a store and what are the conditions.

What is an Instagram Store?

The Instagram Store is an area where you can divide your Instagram Shop products into catalogs and integrate them into your profile and sell your products. Thanks to the store, your followers can browse and buy your products regardless of whether they are following you or not. It does not end with these, thanks to Instagram IGTV, you can promote your products in your store and you can gain customers.

What is an Instagram Store?

How to Open an Instagram Store?

To open an Instagram store, you must first go through certain paths and meet some rules. You may not sell any services other than physical products (such as items, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics). If we give an example of the service issue, services such as (Computer repair shop) are prohibited on Instagram. Apart from that, you must be using an Instagram Business Account to open a Store . You also need to link the Instagram business account to your Facebook business account .

Go to the Instagram settings section.

· Click on select account.

· Select Facebook from the linked accounts section and follow the ongoing instructions.

How to Open an Instagram Store?

How to Open an Instagram Store?

After the above attribution process, you must add a catalog to your Facebook store. The catalog you create for Facebook will be displayed in your Instagram store. If you have followed the steps below one by one, you have successfully opened your store.

1. Turn your Instagram Profile into a business account.

2. Link the Instagram business account to your Facebook business profile.

3. Link the Shopify store to your Facebook page.

4. Create Facebook store and synchronize with Shopify.

5. Finally, create an Instagram sales store on Shopify.

If you have done the above steps correctly, Instagram will take you under review and check for store opening approval. You have to wait during the review process and you will be notified within a few days of any positive or negative result.

Instagram Store Opening Cost?
The cost of opening a store on Instagram may vary depending on the product you are selling and the country you are selling. In order to make sales on Instagram, invoice will be requested for customer satisfaction. In addition, tax will be charged on every product you sell. Apart from that, opening an Instagram store is a completely free process, but if there is a certain money cut from the product you sell on Instagram, you should check it through the account you created.


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