What Does It Mean? (TDK)

What Does It Mean? (TDK)

What Does It Mean? (TDK)

What Does It Mean? We explain you the answer to the question in a very detailed way. You will learn about TDK and its general meaning with all the details. There Can be No Mistakes in Diagnosis, which has been encountered in many games and game shows recently. What Does It Mean? The answer to the question is wondering. Although we speak Turkish as our mother tongue, we do not know the exact meaning of many proverbs. One of them is the word “ Mistake No Mistake in Tasbih”, the meaning of which we do not know or know wrong .

What Does It Mean?

Frequently asked to us, ” There is no mistake in similitude. What does it mean?” We will explain the answer to the proverb. At the same time, we will explain it in detail so that you can understand it better and do not have question marks in your mind. If you have a question, you can report it as a comment.


What Does It Mean?

There Is No Fault In The Tasbih ; It is not wrong to use metaphors to describe something. The comparison of what is meant to be described with a rough expression does not show that it is wrong.

What is the Tasbih?
Tesbih means “to liken”. In order to strengthen the expression, it is the comparison of the weak of the two concepts with similarities to the strong. In religious concepts, Tesbih means the likeness of God to human beings.

What is the Tasbih?

What is the Tasbih?

There are four elements in a simile:

Simulated (müebbehün-bin): Qualitatively stronger and superior to the object or concepts that are likened to each other,
Resembling (müebbeh): The one that is qualitatively weaker and weaker than the object or concepts that are likened to each other.
Parable direction (vech-i şebeh): The common feature between objects and concepts that are likened to each other.
Parable preposition (preposition-ı simile): A word that acts as a preposition or a preposition that establishes a metaphor relationship between objects and concepts.
For example , when it is said that “the road is curving like a snake”, “the road” resembles “snake” is likened to itself, “bends” is the analogy, and “like” is the parable preposition.

The tasbih is divided into four according to whether one or more of these items are used:

Detailed analogy : analogy with all four elements. For example, “Ahmet is strong like a lion”.
Shortened analogy : simile without analogy. For example, “Ahmet is like a lion” (“strength” is not emphasized here).
Reinforced analogy : simile without a positional analogy. For example, “Ahmet is the strong lion” (no postposition like “” is used in this simile).
Simple analogy : analogy direction and analogy without analogy. For example, “Aslan Ahmet”.

TDK: There Is No Fault In Diagnosis

When appropriate, giving a more effective air to the narration with an ugly, vulgar analogy is not a disrespectful act, nobody should be taken from it.

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