The series “Abricol”: plot and actors

The series "Abricol": plot and actors

The series “Abricol”: plot and actors

November 4, 2020 – the release date of the series “Abrikol” directed by Dmitry Koryavov. The premiere of the 4-episode detective film will take place on the Russia-1 TV channel. The viewers will have to find out who stole the precious thing from the house of the famous billiard player, and also find out how the Sicilian mafia is involved here.

In the material Tebree – about the plot, the actors and the roles they played.


Friends and relatives gathered in the house of the famous billiard player Herman, who became famous thanks to his trademark blow – apricol, to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday. However, after the celebration, it turns out that an expensive item has disappeared from the house – a golden ball decorated with precious stones, which the hero of the day won from a representative of the Italian mafia.

Zoya Nikodimova, who was previously an investigator, is taken to investigate the theft of the relic. All the guests and family members of Herman who were present in the house that evening, and even the mysterious producer from Italy, Giovanni, become suspects.

In the course of the investigation, it becomes clear that each of the suspects was playing his own game in the life of the main character, and human trust and love disappeared from the house along with the golden billiard ball. It turned out that it is easy to destroy the usual way of life with one blow of fate, and to restore the lost happiness is not an easy task.

The main roles in the series “Abricol” were played by:

Dmitry Pevtsov – German billiard player, from whose house a golden ball with diamonds disappeared. In addition, it turns out that close people of the hero also “play”, but not on the billiard table, but in life. The actor was remembered by the audience for his roles in films and TV series: ” Gangster Petersburg 2 “, “Stop on demand”, “Bachelors”, “Turkish Gambit”, “Sniper. Weapon of retaliation ”and others.

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Evgenia Dmitrieva – Zoya Nikodimova, an investigator who takes up the search for the criminal who stole the ball. The actress also starred in the films “Sklifosovsky” , “Fizruk” , “My beloved mother-in-law”, “Five minutes of silence. Return ”and others. In 2020, 4 films were released with the participation of Evgenia Dmitrieva, and 5 more film projects are being shot.

Dmitry Ovchinnikov – Venya. The actor also played in the films and TV series “Molodezhka” , “Ivanovs-Ivanovs” , “Fierce 2”, “Shuttlers. Continuation “, ” Green van. A completely different story ” and others. In 2020, Dmitry Ovchinnikov played the role of Anatoly Pavlovich in the series “Anna Detective 2”, and also starred in 7 more films.
Oleg Chugunov – Petrusha. The actor, despite his young age, can boast of an impressive filmography with his participation – there are more than 50 works on the list. Oleg Chugunov starred in the films “Foundry 8”, “The Seventh Rune”, “Sea Devils. Tornado of Fate 2 “,” Shards of Happiness 2 “and others. In 2020, 3 films were released with his participation and 7 more films are being filmed.

Nikolina Kalyberda – Vika. In 2020, the actress will star in the films “Happiness Clinic” and “Marlene”, which are expected to premiere in 2021.

Also in the picture were filmed : Alena Khmelnitskaya , Alexander Feklistov , Olga Naumenko , Elena Obolenskaya , Irina Lindt and other actors.

The series “Abricol” – trailer:

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