The movie “Be my husband”: interesting facts about the filming

The movie "Be my husband": interesting facts about the filming

The movie “Be my husband”: interesting facts about the filming

In November 1981, the film Be My Husband was released on Soviet screens . Alla Surikova’s comedy melodrama tells about the rest in the resort town of single mother Natasha and pediatrician Victor. The visual range with picturesque landscapes is supplemented with songs to the words of Y. Ryashentsev.

In the story, a man agrees to the role of a husband for a single woman with a child, and later a spark runs between the young people, which is supported by Natasha’s son. How to remove a summer comedy and some funny things happened on the set – the material Tebree .


Name for selfish purposes

Director Alla Surikova began communication with the directors of the film studio with the phrase “ Hello! I have a request for you: “Be my husband” “, which drove you into confusion. And after she explained that this was the name of a comedy, the director heard a relieved exhalation. However, the joke was successful, and the woman who began the conversation with such an offer did not dare to refuse.

“Get women out of the camera”

The shooting took place in Sochi and the suburban village of Loo. When actor Andrei Mironov appeared on the beach , a crowd of female fans surrounded the people’s favorite. In indignation, the director shouted: “ Get the women away from the camera! “. To which the performer ironically remarked: “You don’t hang everyone! “.

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Filming became more difficult when Vladimir Basov joined the episodes . Having lost hope of out-shouting the crowd, Surikova in a swimsuit lay down next to the actors and, basking in the Sochi sun, directed the filming. Later, the director was cut out of the frames, and only the director’s legs were included in the episodes.

Champagne instead of lemonade

For the filming of the scene in the restaurant, they came up with the idea of replacing champagne with lemonade. And to achieve the characteristic cotton, the bottles were left in the sun. However, during the shooting of the episode, Surikova noticed that the actors and extras looked too happy. Later it turned out that the director of the restaurant changed the bottles, considering it disrespectful to serve lemonade instead of a sparkling drink. By the way, the filmed episode was dubbed for Andrei Mironov by hospitable local residents during one of the breaks.

Ilka’s efforts

Natasha’s son Ilka was played by Philip Adamovich, who got into the project thanks to his dad, who works as a decorator at Mosfilm. The boy was distinguished by a responsible attitude and often asked the director to rehearse with him on the eve of filming. The film “Be My Husband” is the only work in the performer’s career. He later moved to France and became a jeweler.

Behind the scenes novel

Elena Proklova and Andrei Mironov played people in love so convincingly that the audience believed in the reality of the novel between colleagues. However, behind the scenes, the attraction between the stars of cinema hung at the stage of “theoretical sex”, as Alla Surikova called the mutual interest of the performers. Later, Mironov’s wife Larisa Golubkina flew in and made her lover look in her direction.

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But Elena Proklova still could not resist the charm of the father of the young movie hero, artist Alexander Adamovich. The novel developed into a relationship after filming. Adamovich divorced, moved to a celebrity, and after 2 years he returned to the family. By the way, the artist died early. And Alla Surikova would later say: ” It seems to me that he never recovered from this love .”

Amazing fee

When asked to decorate the film “Be My Husband” with his presence, Andrei Mironov declined to answer, but hinted that he would like interesting events, musical episodes, a bright finale and attraction of the southern texture. The script was finalized for six months.

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Later, Surikova heard Mironov’s agreement with a joke: ” You just knew how to wait like no one else .” And when the actor was awarded a fee for his role in Sochi, he was pleasantly surprised and thanked Surikova with the phrase: “ No woman has ever paid me such money! “

In the same place

An interesting fact happened with a house on Solnechnaya Street in Loo. Now there is not a “resort-style shelter”, which was so deftly managed by Albina Petrovna performed by Nina Ruslanova , but a private hotel for tourists.

“Put a sheepskin coat on the director”

The film “Be My Husband” was not without curiosities. In the opening shots, where Victor goes to the resort, you can see the autumn landscapes of Moscow. However, further on in the plot, a summer beach appears.

But the autumn episodes, when I had to shoot summer, were more difficult. Alla Surikova caught a cold and went to the beach in a hat and jacket. To which Mironov ironically called: “ Put on a sheepskin coat on the director! “- depicting splashing in the” warm “sea.

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