Julianne Hough filed for divorce

Julianne Hough filed for divorce

Julianne Hough filed for divorce

32-year-old actress Julianne Hough filed for divorce from 37-year-old hockey player Brooks Like.

The couple decided to live separately in the spring of 2020. Since then, they have done everything possible to save the marriage. However, their attempts were unsuccessful, and Julianne officially filed for divorce in November, according to People .

Family friends told reporters that it was the actress who initiated the breakup. In a relationship, she lacked freedom, her husband could not give it to her. Also, insiders are sure: it was the fact that they carried out self-isolation separately that became decisive in their divorce. Separately, they emphasized that the couple managed to remain friends and sometimes Hough and Like spend time together.

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Recall that the actress and the athlete got married in 2017. Julianne has repeatedly stated that she and her husband are not yet ready for children and are not sure of their readiness to become parents in the future. However, just in case, the woman froze her eggs. “This is our security measure for the future,” she explained in an interview.


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