5 interesting films about fashion

5 interesting films about fashion

5 interesting films about fashion

Every facet of human life was not touched by cinema – from unhappy love to detective investigations. Foreign and Russian directors also recalled mystical and fantastic issues. And, of course, with such a variety of available topics, the history of world cinema has not been without attention to style. The most interesting movies about fashion as of 2020 – in the material Tebree .

1. “Trainee”

It is worth starting a selection about entertaining films about fashion with easier things. For example, from the comedy “The Trainee”, directed by Michael Lange in 1999. The picture will make the viewer plunge into the world of haute couture, full of difficulties and intrigues, along with the main character, who is an intern in a magazine that covers the lives of fashion designers and catwalk stars. And take a fresh look at the fashion shows hidden from the attention of the surrounding seamy side.

Movie “Trainee” – trailer

2. “Captured by fashion”

The “fashionable” theme was not ignored by representatives of Indian cinema, who shot the original picture “Captured by Fashion”.

The main character of the tape, who dreams of becoming a model, strives with all her might to make her own fantasies come true. And in order to fulfill her plans, the girl has to fully face the reverse side of the fashion industry, which includes not only prestigious shows, but also the need to “hang out” with the right people and star in lingerie advertisements.

Film “Captured by Fashion” – Trailer

3. “Coco to Chanel”

There is no way to get along in the top of paintings dedicated to style without biographical tapes telling about the formation of those trendsetters, whose names remain a “quality mark” even decades later, causing awe in the hearts of connoisseurs.

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The film “Coco do Chanel” tells the story of the life of the famous “hat maker” and the founder of the Chanel fashion house, touching primarily on the segment before world recognition. The audience will have to find out what path an unknown orphan girl made from the orphanage to the heights of the fashionable mainstream, one of the legislators of which, as a result, Coco became .

Film “Coco do Chanel” – trailer

4. “House of Versace”

Another facet of fashionable art allows you to touch the biographical film “House of Versace”, which tells the story of a famous family after the tragic death of its founder.

The sudden death of Gianni Versace from a bullet fired by a serial killer forces his heirs, who became the brother and sister of the deceased fashion designer, to take on the brunt of running the promoted brand. But the relatives of the deceased founder of the fashion house have enough personal problems.

The House of Versace Movie – Trailer

5. “Yves Saint Laurent”

Completing the collection “Films about Fashion” is another biography presented under the guise of a fictional drama – the picture “ Yves Saint Laurent “, which tells about the fate of the famous fashion designer. The director tried to pay attention not only and not so much to the working moments: in the center of the narration are the vicissitudes of the personal life of the famous fashion artist, unfolding against the background of key events in the latter’s biography.

Film “Yves Saint Laurent” – trailer
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