Failures of stars on the show “Ice Age”

Failures of stars on the show "Ice Age"

Failures of stars on the show “Ice Age”

” Ice Age ” is a bright and spectacular show on Channel One, in which famous professional figure skaters, as well as Russian pop stars, film and television stars participate. However, behind a beautiful number and elements that are exciting in their complexity, there are often falls, injuries and failures. In the material TEBREE – the failures of the stars on the “Ice Age” for the entire existence of the project.

Vlad Sokolovsky

Singer Vlad Sokolovsky became the first in the list of “Star failures on the” Ice Age “” in 2020 . During the performance of the number in the first edition of the show, the novice skater could not maintain his balance and fell on the ice twice, and the second time he was on the ice with his back together with his partner Ekaterina Bobrova in his arms. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but an unfortunate failure darkened the performance of the participants and affected the judges’ assessments.

Alina Zagitova

A series of failures in the life of figure skater Alina Zagitova began at the end of 2019. The athlete took 6th place in the Grand Prix final in Turin and announced a career suspension. The appearance of the champion on the show in 2020 caused another scandal. Zagitova also got into the top of the failures of the stars on the “Ice Age”, as, according to the audience, she was unable to be the presenter. The audience criticized the young ice star for fuzzy diction, lack of emotion and memorized phrases.

Maria Petrova

In 2014, figure skater Maria Petrova was literally hit by failures one after another. Initially, her partner, the news anchor on Channel One, Maxim Sharafutdinov, injured his shoulder after an unsuccessful fall and was forced to leave the project. Maria missed several programs while looking for a new partner. Sharafutdinov was replaced by actor Valery Nikolaev , but during the rehearsal he fell unsuccessfully and injured his knee. Due to severe pain, the artist could not move independently, and he was taken to the hospital. The figure skater did not look for a new partner – the couple dropped out of the project.

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Anna Semenovich

Despite her sporting past and spectacular appearance, Anna Semenovich, who participated in the project in 2006, also hit the top failures. The couple of Anna Semenovich and actor Vyacheslav Razbegaev took 7th place and did not make it to the final of the project. In 2010, at a rehearsal for a performance for the show, Semenovich received a serious injury – a fracture of 2 ribs, but she found out about this only 10 years later, in 2020. Then, due to the tight schedule, the star did not attach much importance to pain in the side and did not seek medical help.

Oksana Domnina

The performance of Oksana Domnina and Vladimir Yaglych to the song Funky Boogie was supposed to amuse the audience, but seriously frightened the judges and spectators. Performing support, the actor did not calculate the strength and did not keep his partner, turning her over his head. Oksana Domnina hit her head on the ice, but the couple continued to dance. Later it turned out that the concussion was avoided, but the stitches in the hospital still had to be applied.

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Maxim Shabalin

In the 4th season of “Ice Age”, at one of the rehearsals, skater Maxim Shabalin performed a difficult element and did not keep his balance on the ice. Falling, Shabalin carried away his partner, the singer Nyusha , but did his best to make the fall for her soft and safe. The pop star injured only his knee, but Maxim Shabalin had to go to the hospital with a broken head.

Anastasia Myskina

Tennis player Anastasia Myskina , who appeared in the first season of Ice Age in tandem with figure skater Andrei Khvalko, also received a serious injury on the project . During the rehearsal, the athlete fell unsuccessfully and was badly injured on the blade of the skate. Doctors banned Anastasia from further training and performances, and the celebrity herself, due to severe pain, stopped trying to dance on ice. Myskina decided to refuse to participate in the show and got into the top failures of stars on the “Ice Age”.

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