Keti Topuria officially confirmed the pregnancy

Keti Topuria officially confirmed the pregnancy

Keti Topuria confirmed her second pregnancy by starring in a new video for the song “Ce la vie” by A’Studio . The video premiered on October 30.

Fans of the 34-year-old singer have been discussing rumors for several months that she is expecting a second child. The artist did not react to the gossip and did not even begin to say anything about this when her colleague Natalya Podolskaya “passed” her . Katie could not remain silent when information appeared that she allegedly became a mother for the second time.

Topuria did not comment on the pregnancy, waiting for the right moment to do so. The singer decided to inform about the interesting situation by starring in the video “C’est la vie”. In the music video, she appeared with a noticeably rounded belly and, apparently, childbirth is just around the corner. The father of the child will be businessman Lev Dengov , with whom Topuria recently confirmed her engagement .

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It should be noted that two and a half months ago, American singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen also told fans about the upcoming addition to the family in the video. However, in early October, the model lost her child .

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