7 stars who were left without a mother at an early age

7 stars who were left without a mother at an early age

7 stars who were left without a mother at an early age

Statistics in the dry language of numbers explains that the reasons why children are left without maternal affection are divorce, death or deprivation of parental rights. However, behind each specific case lies the fate of the child, who was to survive and take place as a person despite the circumstances. Stars who grew up without a mother – in the material Tebree .

1. Lev Leshchenko
“ They didn’t save it, ” Lev Leshchenko begins the story with this phrase . The future “nightingale” of the Russian stage lost his mother at an early age, when he was 1.8 years old.

A woman who recently gave birth suffered either cancer or tuberculosis, and there was no medicine in 1943. Later, the father married again, and a warm relationship was established with the stepmother. However, the artist still treats every woman with a filial feeling and sees the main purpose for the ladies – “to be the head, center, support of the family ”.

2. Madonna
Singer and Hollywood actress Madonna was left without her mother, Louise Fortin, at the age of 5. During her 6th pregnancy, the woman refused breast cancer treatment and died after giving birth.

The tragedy in the family turned the worldview of the future celebrity upside down, and she began to think that a person does not know when his life will end, and therefore “ you need to have time to do as much as possible ”. Later, the star realized that her mother remained with her, along with other angels who protect her.

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3. Coco Chanel
The style icon Coco Chanel has been an orphan since birth. The mother died in childbirth, and the girl who was born was named Gabrielle after the midwife who adopted the baby. Until the age of 11, relatives were engaged in raising the future celebrity and her sisters, and then the girls were sent to an orphanage.

Later, the star, who turned the idea of fashion, will say: ” I remember my childhood by heart .” And when the word “orphan” was pronounced in front of her, Chanel became ill and an outburst of anger was followed by confusion. “ I hate that word! An orphan is when no one needs you, and anyone can … announce it publicly , ”said Coco Chanel.

4. Roman Abramovich
The stars, who grew up without a mother, learned from childhood to adapt to circumstances. Oligarch Roman Abramovich was born in Saratov. Old-timers remember how the young mother of the future billionaire asked the neighbors to help swaddle the baby, who was distinguished by agility and strength.

And the day before his first birthday, the businessman’s mother died of blood poisoning. After 2.5 years, his father passed away, who was injured at work. An uncle took custody of the child, who raised Roman.

5. Yuri Shatunov
Fans of the lead singer of the group ” Laskoviy May ” Yuri Shatunov believed that the parents of the sweet-voiced teenager had died. However, things were a little different and he became an orphan with living parents. The mother and father of the future singer got married early, but relations in the family did not work out, and for the first 4 years, the grandparents were engaged in upbringing. After the divorce, the mother got married, but the stepfather disliked the stepson.

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The child had to wander among relatives. And at the age of 11, the mother gave the heir to a boarding school and two months later died of heart failure. The father did not want to take his son, and Yuri’s aunt took up the upbringing, for whom it was difficult to cope with a teenager who had experienced a tragedy in life. A year later, the guardianship commission assigned the child to an orphanage in Orenburg, and then to a boarding school, where the fateful acquaintance with Sergei Kuznetsov took place.

6. Ekaterina Tokareva
Ex-participant of the television project ” Dom-2 ” Ekaterina Tokareva was left an orphan from birth. The girl saw the cause of her mother’s death in her father and began to take revenge on him, doing everything in spite of everything. The stepmother intervened in the situation, who was able to warm the girl with a prickly character and helped the father find a common language with his daughter. Nevertheless, Katya does not publicly advertise her feelings and prefers not to suffer in public.

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7. Lyubov Uspenskaya
2020 was a turning point in the life of Lyubov Uspenskaya , who was included in the list of “Stars who grew up without a mother” and believed that she died in childbirth. However, it turned out that the death of the parent on the train from being hit by a brick in the face was hidden from the legend of the chanson for many years.

Trying to get to the bottom of the truth, Ouspenskaya tried to find her mother’s grave in Kiev, but to no avail. “ My grandmother told me that in 1954 there was a hunger strike and she apparently left to look for work. I know she’s dead. She would never have left me in her life , ”the celebrity sums up in an interview.

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