7 interesting facts from the life of Bill Gates

7 interesting facts from the life of Bill Gates

7 interesting facts from the life of Bill Gates

He is not a show business star or a Hollywood actor, but his name is known all over the world. And not as the owner of the largest charitable foundation or a person fighting to reduce the prices of vaccines for various diseases. And as the creator of an IT company whose products are used by most of the home computer owners on the planet.

On October 28, 2020, Bill Gates celebrated his 65th birthday . About the curious details of his personal life and work biography – in the material Tebree .

1. Himself a florist
Bill Gates showed extraordinary ability in the field of programming since his early years, when he attended school in his place of birth, in Seattle.

At the age of 13, the future billionaire and creator of Microsoft, about whom documentaries and biographical books will be made, distinguished himself – he created his first serious program in BASIC. It turned out to be a game of “tic-tac-toe”, in which users were asked to compete directly with the computer.

When the teachers drew attention to the advanced teenager, they suggested that the latter write a program for school needs that is responsible for distributing students to classes. Bill coped with the task “excellently”, and with benefit for himself. I compiled the code so that during the lessons I was sitting in a sort of “flower garden” – surrounded by the most beautiful girls of the educational institution.

2. Unlucky
Bill Gates went to get higher education at Harvard. And first, following the example of his own father, he went to study to be a lawyer. However, he subsequently revised his decision and changed direction, switching to mathematics and mastering programming. However, after a couple of years and the disciplines that interested him, the guy got bored – he was more interested in business.

After the expulsion of the famous student years later, university professors recalled that Gates showed the skills of an amazing programmer, but at the same time remained an unpleasant person.

3. The bobble came out
It is hard to imagine that the creator of the company that developed the world’s most popular operating system for personal computers, at the dawn of the Internet, considered the Web a hopeless phenomenon. However, to Gates’s credit, he later admitted his own mistake and in the mid-90s managed to get Microsoft to start creating online services.

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4. Young and early
Bill Gates, whose fortune in 2020 was estimated at $ 98 billion, made his first billion at the age of 31. As of 1987, when this happened, the founder of Microsoft Corporation is the youngest billionaire entrepreneur in human history.

5. A matter of habit
It is noteworthy that, even after reaching a high position in society and accumulating solid financial resources, Bill Gates did not abandon rather original habits. For example, a billionaire in the evening personally washes the dishes for his family members, without resorting to the services of hired personnel. According to him, the entrepreneur gets real pleasure from such a process as putting things in order after dinner with relatives.

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Reading has been another habit for many years – every day before going to bed, Gates spends an hour studying all kinds of literature. At this rate, a businessman reads at least fifty books annually – he is in no hurry to stop in his own development.

6. Hiding your face
Bill Gates is a famous person in the world. So sometimes, not wanting to be distracted by numerous fans seeking to communicate with a celebrity, an entrepreneur and philanthropist is forced to disguise himself. However, a man, as a rule, does not resort to any excessively serious tricks, limiting himself to putting on a hat with wide brims on his head.

According to the founder of Microsoft himself, in such a headdress they pay much less attention to him – either they do not recognize him, or they understand that a person wants to remain incognito.

7. Heirs and inheritance
For more than a quarter of a century, Bill Gates has been married to his wife Melinda , nee French. The entrepreneur met her in 1987, at a meeting on the sale of his company’s products, which was held in New York. By that time, the girl had been working in the company he created for about a year.

Miss French, who impressed the leader, so captured the thoughts of the young billionaire that a week after he met him, he invited her to walk together. In 1994, the couple got married. In this union, three children were born: Jennifer Katarin, Rory Joni and Phoebe Adele.

It is noteworthy that, according to the will, parents who turn over billions of dollars in their own offspring will leave behind only $ 10 million. Bill Gates argues that such an impressive amount of money that the family has at the current time will not give children anything good in life – so the latter will have to reach the peaks on their own.

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