7 exciting TV series about maniacs

7 exciting TV series about maniacs

7 exciting TV series about maniacs

Investigation of crimes, especially those committed by mentally ill people, is often at the heart of detective stories, crime dramas and thrillers. The prototypes of cruel killers are often not fictional personalities, but real antiheroes. Such a movie forces viewers, without looking up from the screens, to watch how experienced investigators and forensic scientists build logical chains and collect information bit by bit in order to interrupt a series of atrocities.

The material Tebree contains a selection of interesting Russian and foreign TV series about maniacs.

1. “Good man” (2020)

The premiere of the detective drama directed by Konstantin Bogomolov took place on August 20, 2020. The 9-episode film is based on the story of the Angarsk maniac-killer Mikhail Popkov , who killed more than 80 people. However, the creators of the picture presented the audience with their own vision of those events, changing the appearance and psychological portrait of the criminal. The new Russian TV series about the maniac starred: Yulia Snigir (Evgenia Klyuchevskaya, an investigator from Moscow), Nikita Efremov (Ivan Krutikhin, an investigator from Voznesensk), Andrei Burkovsky , Ksenia Sobchak and other famous actors.


The Good Man Series – Trailer

2. “What’s Hidden in the Snow” (2018)
A foreign detective mini-series about a maniac was filmed based on the case of an impostor criminal. A team of professional detectives in Sweden, led by Police Officer Peter Wendel (Robert Gustafsson), take on a convoluted crime scene. Their plans are disrupted by the killer, who reports that the famous maniac serving time in prison is in fact innocent. Wendel and his subordinates have to figure it out and find the criminal.


The series “What’s hidden in the snow” – trailer

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3. “Consultant” (2016)
A 10-episode film directed by Alexei Rudakov with Kirill Kyaro in the title role tells about the capture of a terrible maniac who was operating in a provincial town in the 1990s. An expert psychologist, who came from the region, declares at the court hearing that the wrong person is being tried, and makes a psychological portrait of the maniac. Investigator Oleg Bragin ( Maxim Drozd ), who has been looking for the killer for 10 years, comes into conflict with an expert, but is forced to cooperate with him, as a new murder is taking place.

The series “Consultant” – trailer

4. “True Detective” (2014–2019)
According to the plot of the series by Nick Pizzolatto, two partner detectives ( Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson ) take on the search for a cruel killer who leaves traces of mysterious mystical rituals at the crime scene. The action of the popular foreign TV series about a maniac takes place in 3 seasons and covers different time periods. The film received rave reviews from critics and scored high ratings on film aggregators.


The series “True Detective” – Trailer

5. “Followers” (2013–2015)
The American TV series about the maniac was released in 2013. In the story, a serial killer serving a sentence uses a prison computer to create a social network and find people who unquestioningly carry out the commands of the “leader” and continue to commit crimes with his “handwriting”. FBI agent Ryan Hardy ( Kevin Bacon ), who was involved in the capture of the maniac, will have to figure out this case.


Series “Followers” – Trailer

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6. “Crash” (2013-2016)
The British-Irish serial about the maniac also made it into this collection. In the story, a group of police officers led by Superintendent Stella Gibson (played by Gillian Anderson ) is investigating a series of crimes. The maniac kills only successful middle-aged women, and the police have to find a dangerous criminal.


The series “Collapse” – trailer

7. “Thinking like a criminal” (2005-2020)
A special department of the FBI is studying the characters and behavioral motives of maniacs and serial killers. The work of psychologists helps to avoid new victims and to catch cruel and ruthless murderers. Professionals analyze every step of the criminals, look at the world through their eyes. The series has been broadcast for 15 years, in 2019 it was announced that the filming of the 15th, final, season was announced. The creators of the film have a lot of nominations and victories in various television awards.

Criminal Minds Series – Trailer

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