7 actresses who embodied Catherine I on the screen

7 actresses who embodied Catherine I on the screen

7 actresses who embodied Catherine I on the screen

The mysterious figure in the history of the Russian state – Catherine I – had no illusions about the throne and was devoid of ambition. Known as the wife of Peter I , who managed to overcome popular indignation and surprise from the European monarchies, she ruled for only 2 years.

But it was with the first empress that the “woman age” began, which ended with the reign of Catherine the Great , whose era was favorable for the country and was praised by filmmakers. Nevertheless, the image of Catherine I has also been immortalized in historical and dramatic projects.

Actress Catherine I played in the movie – the material Tebree .

1. Alla Tarasova
For the first time in Russian cinema, Empress Catherine I was created on the screen by Alla Tarasova in the 1938 project “Peter the First”. The singer’s partners are Nikolai Simonov , Mikhail Zharov and Irina Zarubina. And although Anna Karenina in the production of the same name became an outstanding role in the artist’s filmography , the image of the empress was convincing.

2. Lyudmila Chursina
The actress Lyudmila Chursina was twice awarded the “imperial” role . For the first time, a Soviet star revealed a historical character in the film “The Tale of How Tsar Peter the Arap Married” (1976) directed by Alexander Mitta . By the way, the image was given to the performer hard. The heroine’s headdress weighed 16 kg, and the dress was twice as heavy. At the same time, the artist managed to pace majestically and at ease. And then she appeared in the role of the empress in the film Demidovs (1983).

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The actresses who played Catherine I became popular later. This happened to the actress who played the role of the mother-in-law in the sitcom ” Voronin ” Anna Frolovtseva . In the filmography of the performer there are 62 supporting films, but only the image of Galina Ivanovna turned out to be fateful and brought popular fame.

4. Natalia Egorova
Actress Natalya Yegorova was so convincing in the image of the empress in the film “Tsarevich Alexei” (1997) that she was invited to reveal the character of the historical heroine in the project ” Secrets of Palace Revolutions ” (2000). By the way, in the same cycle, the performer later played another royal person – Anna Ioannovna .

5. Irina Rozanova
In the filmography of Irina Rozanova, the role of the empress was the first in the role of the monarch. Her partner in the frame was Alexander Baluev , who was first approved for the role only after screen tests.

The series “Peter I. Testament” was released six months before the premiere of the film “Furtsev”. Nevertheless, the film remained in the memory of the audience and sparked debate over the credibility of the events. In the discussions, they complained that the series lacked the love line of Peter I and his wife, which means that the artist’s play excited the fantasy, and the performer fell into the image of a femme fatale.

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6. Alya Kizilova
In the filmography of Ali Kizilova, the only work in a television documentary project with elements of a feature film “The Romanovs”. The performer played the role of the empress, and then disappeared from the screens. It is known that the artist is now entering the theater stage.

7. Ekaterina Guseva
In the middle of autumn 2020, Russian viewers saw the Tobol serial film . Due to the premiere of the list of “The actresses, who played Catherine I» got the star of the series ” Brigada ” – Ekaterina Guseva .

In the tasks set by the director Igor Zaitsev , it was necessary to show in the frame an obedient woman who guides her husband in the right direction. In general, in the “Tobol” project, the creators sought reliability in details. According to the actress, the clothes were sewn by hand “and there is not a single hook accidental.” But in order to recreate the inner image of the heroine in preparation for the role, Guseva had to use fantasy.

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