As she is. Britney Spears showed her real appearance

As she is. Britney Spears showed her real appearance

American pop singer Britney Spears posted a photo in casual clothes and confessed to her self-doubt. In the photo, the singer appeared not in revealing outfits, as usual, but in a plaid shirt, jeans, gray sandals and glasses. In the text under the publication, the singer admitted her lack of self-confidence.

Fans appreciated a million likes under the picture. In general, fans of the superstar have been following Britney’s condition for a long time. They believe that on her blog she leaves signals for help and generally behaves as if she is imprisoned. For example, once she posted a photo in which she poses in a yellow top.


This photo was posted by the singer after fans wrote to her in the comments that if she needs help, then she can post a photo with a yellow object.

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The artist’s official guardian has been her father for 12 years. He gained complete control over his daughter’s finances. The singer’s fans sounded the alarm and launched the #FreeBritney campaign. They suspect the 38-year-old singer needs help. Celebrities have also joined the movement. They believe that the guardians can use Britney Spears for selfish purposes.

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