“Aren’t you ashamed?”: Kim Kardashian’s luxurious party has caused the anger of Americans

Kim Kardashian spoke about the glamorous party she threw in honor of her 40th birthday. The star’s boasting has provoked a wave of harsh criticism on the web.

A participant in the Kardashian Family show rented a tropical island on her birthday. Kim invited her large family and friends to the resort. The company reached the holiday destination in a private jet.

Instadiva was happy to unwind after a long lockdown. “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, not many of us really appreciated this simple luxury of traveling and being with loved ones in a safe environment,” said Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian hung out with her relatives on the island

Kanye West’s wife persuaded all guests to get tested for coronavirus before the trip. After making sure there were no infected among her friends, Kim was able to truly relax.

“We danced, rode bicycles, swam with whales and kayaks, watched movies on the beach. I understand that all this is not available to most people now. Moments like these remind me of how privileged my life is, “explained Kardashian.

The founder of the SKIMS brand unveiled the footage taken during the trip. Kim posed for pictures with family members, colleagues and friends. The hero of the occasion chose a provocative outfit. At the festive evening, Kardashian appeared in a gold mini dress with piquant cutouts at the waist. The model did not wear a bra, focusing on the bold neckline.

Kim Kardashian chose a provocative party outfit

Kim’s photographs angered the Americans. In the United States, there is a difficult situation regarding the coronavirus. The country ranks first in the world in terms of the number of cases and deaths. Over the past day, 66 784 new cases of infection were detected on the territory of the state. Doctors also recorded 481 deaths.

Fans shamed the Kardashians for showing off a luxurious lifestyle. Subscribers said that Kim is “deaf” to the problems of compatriots.

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“It feels like the pandemic doesn’t exist for everyone”, “How selfish it is! People are dying now and losing their jobs … “,” Why should the elite not maintain social distance and hang out without masks? “,” Aren’t you ashamed ?! ” the fact that if you have money, the coronavirus is not terrible ”,“ Wow, how cool! And my family still cannot fly to me and see my six-month-old baby. But I am glad that you are rich “,” People have to say goodbye to their loved ones by phone while they die alone in the hospital. It’s time to go on a gorgeous journey and tell about it in social networks! ”, – netizens were outraged.

Kim Kardashian boasted a luxurious vacation at the resort,

ESPN announcer Dave Pasch trolled Kim. The host shared an archival photo of his colleague Bill Walton. The journalist starred in a tropical setting, imitating the disgraced Kardashian.

American TV presenter trolled Kim Kardashian,

The star is often harassed by followers. The model was recently convicted for speaking out about the coronavirus. Kim said the pandemic is the breathing space the planet needs.

The TV personality was also attacked by pregnant women. Kardashian had to make excuses for a new line of lingerie for expectant mothers. Formerly famous Australian woman declared war on Kim. The model accused the star of waste.

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